You Got Jacked

The Board

The board is made up of 100 cells arranged in a 10x10 grid. Each card in the deck has two matching cells on the board except for jokers, which have four, and jacks, which have none.

Your Hand

Your hand shows the cards that you can use to capture or free cells.

The Discard Pile

The discard pile shows the last four cards played.

The Player List

There is a list showing each player's name and color. It also show's which player's turn it is.

Capturing Cells

Click on any of your cards to select it. Then click on a matching free cell to capture it. A captured cell will change to the captor's color.

Free Jacking

Free jacking is using a jack of diamonds or jack of hearts to free up a previously captured cell. You cannot free jack a joker.

Cell Jacking

Cell jacking is using a jack of clubs or jack of spades to capture any free cell on the board. You cannot cell jack a joker.

Win Left To Right!

Winning is simple. Be the first player to capture five cells in a line and you win.

Lines can go left to right.

Win Up and Down!

Or up and down.

Win Diagonally!

They can even go diagonally.


Free joker cells can be used to complete a line for any player. After a joker cell is captured it can only be used to complete a line for its captor.

Joker cells cannot be free jacked or cell jacked.

I See Dead Cards


Dead cards are cards that cannot be played because all of the matching cells have already been captured. These cards can be discard and exchanged for ones from the deck. This is done by clicking the dead card in your hand and then either dragging it to the discard pile or clicking the discard pile.

Only one dead card can be exchanged per play and you have to exchange it before capturing a cell.

Pick The Number Of Players

Pick A Board

Pick A Difficulty Level